The life and contributions of gerardus mercator

the life and contributions of gerardus mercator Gerardus mercator (march 5, 1512 – december 2, 1594) was a cartographer with interests in theology, philosophy, history, mathematics and magnetism as well as being an accomplished engraver, calligrapher and maker of globes and scientific instruments.

Gerardus mercator google doodle welcome to the world of gerardus mercator cartographer of the world born on this date in 1512 in rupelmonde , belgium the town celebrates schelleksfeesten on the first sunday of august which is the 2nd this year. Gerardus mercator biography, life, interesting facts childhood and early years gerardus mercator was born at rupelmonde, flanders (now belgium) into a german family his father was of modest means, and his father worked as a cobbler. In the early part of 1544, gerardus mercator found himself in a cold, dark prison cell he felt he was facing certain death why did this happen to the greatest cartographer of the 16th century to find out, let us first take a closer look at his life and times mercator was born in 1512 in . Gerardus mercator was a famous flemish cartographer during the renaissance period this biography profiles his childhood, life, work, achievements and timeline.

As a new name he chose mercator, the latin for 'merchant' and gave himself the full name of gerardus mercator de rupelmonde on 29 august 1530 mercator matriculated at the university of louvain, taking the course in the humanities and philosophy. Gerardus mercator, flemish cartographer he received a master's degree in 1532 from the university of louvain (belgium), where he settled by 24 he was a skilled engraver, calligrapher, and scientific-instrument maker. 13 famous people from belgium you should know gerardus mercator horta also spent a period of his life dedicated to studying and teaching the style of art .

Gerardus mercator (/ d study of the bible was something that was central to mercator's life and it was the cause of the early philosophical doubts that caused him . Even if you've never seen gerardus mercator, you've almost certainly seen his work his mercator projection map, invented in 1569, was the primary map that navigators used for years it's the form . Mercator’s atlas was one of the first to include maps of the world’s development and it, along with his projection remain as significant contributions to the fields of geography and cartography to learn more about gerardus mercator and his map projection, read mark monmonier’s rhumb lines and map wars: a social history of the mercator .

Gerardus mercator, also called gerhard kremer, and born gérard de crémère (1512 – 1594), was a flemish geographer and mathematician. Gerardus mercator was born on march 5, 1512 and died on december 2, 1594 gerardus mercator would have been 82 years old at the time of death or 503 years old today share to:. Additionally, the rectangular maps that are made nowadays of other worlds –venus, mars or mercury, for example– use the system of gerardus mercator this flemish astronomer, geographer and mathematician devoted his life to maps. Mercator, gerardus (or gerhard kremer)(b rupelmonde, flanders, 5 march 1512 d duisburg, germany, 2 december 1594)geographymercator’s family name was kremer, but he latinized it on entering the university of louvain in 1530. This was run by the brethren of the common life, commentary on gerardus mercator, and cool how his contributions are still used today praise god.

Gerardus mercator (5 march 1512 – 2 mercator, gerardus ↑ a facsimile of the mercator contributions in the atlas of europe has been published by watelet . The birth of gerardus mercator richard cavendish | published in history today volume 62 issue 3 march 2012 the age of discovery that began with christopher columbus, along with ferdinand magellan’s conclusive demonstration that the earth is round, created a demand for new maps and confronted cartographers with the problem of how to depict the . Gerardus mercator: gerardus mercator, flemish cartographer whose most important innovation was a map, embodying what was later known as the mercator projection, on which parallels and meridians are rendered as straight lines spaced so as to produce at any point an accurate ratio of latitude to longitude. Gerardus mercator (pronounced / dʒ ᵻ a facsimile of the mercator contributions in the atlas of europe has been published by watelet mercator, gerardus . Named for gerardus mercator (gerard de cremere) (march 5, 1512 – december 2, 1594), a flemish cartographer, geographer and mathematician he is remembered for the mercator chart named after him he is remembered for the mercator chart named after him.

The life and contributions of gerardus mercator

Gerardus mercator (/ d mercator, gerardus (1540), ^ a facsimile of the mercator contributions in the atlas of europe has been published by watelet . Travel writer nicholas crane has written a biography of gerard mercator, 'prince of geographers' contribution subscribe find a job jobs his life was one of brilliant breakthroughs and . The mercator system is a cylindrical map projection it isessentially the shape of globe on a flat surface it was firstdesigned by mapmaker gerardus mercator in 1569.

Mercator: his contribution to surveying and cartography introduction to his life and work to highlight the exceptional place he has in the history of our . Gerardus mercator1512-1594 flemish geographer and cartographer the word atlas to define a collection of maps was coined by gerardus mercator, who is best known for his 1569 invention of a new system of projection for marine charts, called the mercator projection, which revolutionized cartography as well as nautical navigation. Gerardus mercator born 5 march 1512 on this day in 1512, the celebrated flemish cartographer gerardus mercator was born in rupelmonde, in the hapsburg county of flanders, now situated in present day belgium. The map you probably recognize is based on the mercator projection map, invented by a flemish geographer and cartographer called gerardus mercator in 1569, but it's problematic of marine life .

The mayor praises mercator as a “remarkable and distinguished man,” notes his “mild character and honest way of life,” and provides dates and other details for key events in the cartographer’s career. Google has today celebrated the birthday of gerard mercator, a 16th century cartographer, with a doodle on its homepage indy/life food & drink health & families gerardus mercator: 3 ways . Gerardus mercator by nicolas de larmessin their life dates, occupation or have not recorded their family relationships your contributions must be polite and .

The life and contributions of gerardus mercator
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